The color is:
Smoke / Rose

The Jade earbuds are the best thing living in your purse, unless you’ve got a pygmy chinchilla, that’ll win hands down.



10 mm


102 dB


16 Ohms


20-20,000 Hz

plug material


Cord Length

4 ft / 1.2 m


Avail W/ Phone Mic

A phone mic built into your headphones, so that you can talk really loud & walk around talking looking super important. J/k don't do that, only doofuses do it.

Colored Cushions

We know some of you ladies like to change your outfit a few times a day. Were just giving you some different colored cushions to help you match your evolving outfits.

Enhanced Bass

You're going to get: Earth shattering, rock you to the core, ghetto blaster bass! Bass so kind it will put a smile on your face for days.

Noise Isolation

Don't put up with listening to that loud mouth or screaming kid. Plug in & Rock out undisturbed with our noise isolation headphones. You'll be glad that you did.

Petite Cushions

You ladies have cute petite ears. You deserve to have a petite sized ear buds for you smaller ears.

Travel Bag

Keep your earbuds tangle free in this handy travel bag. Now your earbuds won't get as lost in that bottomless pit called a purse.