Wicked Audio Bluetooth Speaker Outcry Extreme

Outcry Extreme

The color is:

This speaker growls, roars, and barks. A monstrous sound from dual driver speakers. Your tunes will be well taken care of with this beast.


Dual Drivers

Twin 45 mm

Bluetooth Version


Bluetooth Range

32 ft / 10 m

Lithium Ion Batter Life

8 Hours

Charge Time

4.5 Hours

Aux Power Cord

3 ft / 1 m



Hit play and get to the Rock'n. You don't have to worry about any annoying cords getting in your way, or slowing you down. This is some next level futuristic stuff.

Enhanced Bass

You're going to get: Earth shattering, rock you to the core, ghetto blaster bass! Bass so kind it will put a smile on your face for days.

Rechargeable Battery

Fitted with a rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery.



Wicked Audio Outcry Extreme Bluetooth Speaker