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Make every headphone wireless.

Keep your favorite headphones! With the Reach Bluetooth Audio Receiver, they’re all wireless now. Plug in any headphone or earbud and the Reach will take care of the rest.

Full functionality with volume control, microphone, track control, answer/hangup, pause/play, the works.

Works with any Bluetooth device or phone, just plug in your headphone or earbud and you’re ready to go.

Now available at Hudson News and Walmart


Battery Life

5 Hours

Charge Time

1.5 - 2 Hours

Bluetooth Range

30 ft / 10 m

Bluetooth Version

Version 4.2

Charging Cable

Micro USB to USB


Avail W/ Phone Mic

A phone mic built into your headphones, so that you can talk really loud & walk around talking looking super important. J/k don't do that, only doofuses do it.


Hit play and get to the Rock'n. You don't have to worry about any annoying cords getting in your way, or slowing you down. This is some next level futuristic stuff.

Hands Free

This product has a mic/track control so you don't have to pull out your music player to change the song or answer a call.

Rechargeable Battery

Fitted with a rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery.

Track Control

You can move forward or backwards in your music tracks with a quick tap of a button on your headphones. No more sliding to unlock your device. Quick & easy.

Volume Control

You'll be able to control your volume quickly with a turn of the volume wheel on your headphone cord. Once you try it you'll never want to go back.