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Most music comes from a high-end recording studio where artists spend bookoo bucks to produce the loudest sexiest sound possible. Chances are the music you listen to has been compressed and lacks the same quality it had when recorded in the studio. This is where the Bongiovi DPS takes the reigns and remasters your music.

Tony Bongiovi’s algorithm has been custom-developed for the acoustics of this headphone. This algorithm remasters all the audio and brings back high and lows that are lost during compression. After the audio is remastered you’re left with crystal clear music that sounds like the came straight from the studio.

Now you can hear every detail; even the spit hitting the mic.







32 Ohms


20Hz - 20,000Hz

Plug Material


Cord Type


Headband Construction


Battery Life

12 Hours


Enhanced Bass

You're going to get: Earth shattering, rock you to the core, ghetto blaster bass! Bass so kind it will put a smile on your face for days.

High Fidelity

We want you to hear the music the way it's intended to be heard; undistorted. You'll hear the music in it's original state. The way the artist intended it to be heard.

Rechargeable Battery

Fitted with a rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery.


An extra level of rubberized coating for added cool factor, fewer fingerprints, plus a tactile feel. Like petting a chinchilla.

Track Control

You can move forward or backwards in your music tracks with a quick tap of a button on your headphones. No more sliding to unlock your device. Quick & easy.

Travel Bag

Keep your earbuds tangle free in this handy travel bag. Now your earbuds won't get as lost in that bottomless pit called a purse.

Wide Range

Capable of playing a wide range of musical instruments & vocal ranges from the lowest to the highest pitch or note they can produce. You won't miss a thing.



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