Shred Wireless for Men

The color is:

The Wicked Audio Shred Wireless Bluetooth earbud is made to hang on, stay on, and rock on. Its rugged metal housing, magnetic backs, sweat proof protection, and reflective cord let you keep shreddin’.
– Wireless Bluetooth
– Rugged metal housing
– Magnetic back to quickly snap together
– Sweat Proof: IPX4
– Top of the line sound. Wide range, high fidelity, and enhanced bass
– Listen up to 32ft away from your device
– 5 Hour Battery Life
– Rechargeable batteries with included charging cable.
– Security with Wicked Audio’s Triple Battery Protection
– Custom comfort with 3 cushion sizes
– 2 Sizes of secure fin attachements
– Flex loop attachment
– 4 Custom styles for you to get the perfect grip in your ears (Naked, Small Secure Fins, Large Secure Fins, and Flex Loop)
– Reflective cord for late night jogs (and to look cool)
– Control your music without digging out your phone. Mic and track control right from the Shred Wireless Earbud
– Noise Isolating to help you focus on what’s important, your tunes



9 mm


96 dB


16 Ohms


20-20,000 Hz

Bluetooth Version


Bluetooth Range

32ft / 10m

Battery Life

5+ Hrs

Charge Time

1.5 Hrs


Anchor Fit

Comfort Hook that helps you to keep on rockn' while you keep on workn'!

Enhanced Bass

You're going to get: Earth shattering, rock you to the core, ghetto blaster bass! Bass so kind it will put a smile on your face for days.

Flat Cord

Flat cords are not only stylish, they're also low tangle.

Hands Free

This product has a mic/track control so you don't have to pull out your music player to change the song or answer a call.

High Fidelity

We want you to hear the music the way it's intended to be heard; undistorted. You'll hear the music in it's original state. The way the artist intended it to be heard.


Magnetic earbuds. Quickly snap your earbuds together. It's a convenience thing.

Metal Housing

Made with a metal housing these bad boys are tough as nails, and are built to last.

Mic & Track Control

Answer and talk on your phone? Check. Flip through all your songs cause your song commitment issues? Check.

Rechargeable Battery

Fitted with a rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery.


If you run, bike or walk in low light conditions this reflective strip might just save your life. It's for your safety.

Sweat Proof IPX4

Waterproof!  With a waterproof rating of IPX4, your sweat, rain and water from a super soaker combined! (Blam-Blam-Blam) Can't keep you from your tunes!

Wide Range

Capable of playing a wide range of musical instruments & vocal ranges from the lowest to the highest pitch or note they can produce. You won't miss a thing.