Team Wicked: Zander Gabriel


You may have heard of Zander, one of the coolest cats around.

zander gabriel with wildcat

 We got the deets from this world class #TeamWicked skater. How he got started, what he’s up to, future plans, the works. Check it out!

 Zander Gabriel
Los Angeles, California
Age: 27
zander gabriel skating


How he got into skating:

 I have been skateboarding for 17 years. I first got into skateboarding when my mom got me a board for Christmas. I think I was like 9. Ever since that day I didn’t stop! 

Where he’s been in 2018:

This year has been a crazy one. I've been to Japan, France, Saudi Arabia, Czech Republic, and most recently, South Africa. 

 What he’s won in 2018:

 Finished 6th in the FISE world in France, and just finished 1st in South Africa. Very stoked. It’s great momentum for the upcoming contests.

zander gabriel on podium

 Wicked favs:

 My favorite wicked product is the Outcry Extreme Bluetooth speaker and I've been really digging the Bluetooth headphones!

 Where he’s headed:

 I am headed back to Europe for another 2 months for filming and more contests. Barcelona, Paris, Slovenia, Vienna, Germany, Prague, Austria then Canada!


zander gabriel skating

We’re pumped for Zander and so glad to have him on the Team!


Follow his journey on Instagram  @zandergabriel