Nick Shepard

Nick Shepard aka Shick Nepard is 28 years old, born in Newbedford, MA on Aug 15th 1993 then adopted and raised in Vermont. He started skateboarding at the end of 2nd grade and hasn't looked back since! 20 years of skateboarding! Had so many sponsors throughout the years like Matix clothing. Some lifetime highlights: skated 85 miles from his hometown to Burlington, VT to raise money for cancer, skated the Element Make it Count Tour with friends at Talent Skatepark in Burlington, VT. Participated in the 2015 Zumiez Best Foot Forward contest in Manhattan, NY and in 2016 at the famous Les Skatepark as well as a bunch of other contests all over. This year he made it into a photobook shot by Burton Snowboards professional photographer Dean Blottogray, and made the cover of the newspaper at Saranac Lake, NY contest on his 28th birthday. He lives for street skateboarding and filming crazy clips and videos! He's been rocking Wicked Audio headphones for 5 years!

What he says about Wicked: "They sent me my 1st package in 2017 showed me so much love and support throughout the years they have inspired me to inspire this next generation with peace, love and positivity on and off the board."

Nick Shepard skating

Nick Shepard on newspaper

Nick Shepard skateboarding




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