WCKD1 Wireless Dual Driver

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The WCKD1 is a detachable, dual 6mm driver sound system, that can switch between Bluetooth mode (that requires a battery) and normal mode (that is battery free.)
- Wireless Bluetooth + Wired (don't be left hangin' on the plane!)
- Top of the line sound from twin drivers. Wide range, high fidelity, and enhanced bass
- Listen up to 32ft away from your device
- Extra long 8 Hour Battery Life
- Rechargeable batteries with included charging cable.
- Comfiest dual driver earbud you've ever tried with vertically stacked drivers
- Security with Wicked Audio's Triple Battery Protection
- Custom comfort with 6 different cushion pairs
- Included travel bag
- Neck Lock technology keeps your earbuds on your neck even when you're not listening
- Control your music without digging out your phone. Mic and track control right from the WCKD1 Wireless Earbud
- Noise Isolating to help you focus on what's important, your tunes

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