Mojo 300

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Mojo 300

Get ready for an unforgettable audio experience! The Mojo 300 blows every other earbud in its class out of the water. With high end features such as personalized EQ modes and a GPS bud locator (damn) you’ll be talking about them in your sleep. Customize yours within the Wicked Audio App! 

Transparency Mode Choose if ambient sound reaches your ears. Stay safe. Stay alert.
GPS Bud Locator Use the app to track down exactly where you left your buds.
Wicked Audio App Compatible Get the most out of your earbuds. Customize them to you and more. 
Easy Flex Connect Dual options. Pair a single bud, pair them both. With the Easy Pair, right out of the case you’re ready to go.
Endless EQ Modes Choose from our already crafted modes or tune the levels custom to you.
Sweat Resistant Running a marathon in the Arizona sun? Maybe you’re just clumsy. We’ve got you covered.
Low Latency (Gaming Mode) Faster than ever. Little to no delay.
Voice Assist Talk to your favorite virtual assistant with a simple tap.
Small Comfort Fit Teeny & comfortable buds, with ergonomic shaped housing.

Smart Control App
Endless EQ Modes
GPS Bud Locator
Transparency Mode
Customizable Controls
Easy Access User Guide
Battery Life Indicator
Forever Future Updates
App Controlled Volume
Low Latency (Gaming Mode)
Dark/Light Mode Control 

Signature Studio Sound
Small Comfort Fit
Extended Battery
Easy Pairing
Dual Connect
Voice Assist
Enhanced Bass
Rapid Charging
Noise Isolation
3 Cushion Sizes
Call, Track, Volume Control
Sweat & Water Resistant

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