Our story begins in a Provo, UT basement in 1994. A young guy named Paul, who had hair at the time, built the world’s first wrap-around earbuds with a coat hanger and rubber bands. Paul's dad, who had been saving money to send Paul to college, gave him two options: Start a headphone business or go to college. It was an easy choice. That's when EarHugger was born.  


    That’s right! Long before Wicked Audio united the free world, the headphones and earbuds that paved the way were called EarHuggers.

EarHugger quickly outgrew the basement and into the mainstream, offering the world dozens of different earbuds and headphones. Eventually Paul realized that while the name 'EarHugger' fit the OG model, it wasn't a great fit for the company’s ever expanding audio lineup. It was time to level up.

    In 2011, a pillar of light shone down on the lifestyle brand now known as Wicked Audio. Same killer sound, but a brand of personal audio that we could feel at home with. Who’s we? The risk-takers, explorers, life-of-the-partiers. We eat mixtapes and EPs for breakfast, and power ballads sing us to sleep. Our headphones are more than just daily accessories, they’re an extension of who we are. Music is in our blood!

    Wicked Audio was built on excellent sound quality, the love for good music and occasional trouble. Our headphones are designed to look sexy and inspire a little mischief. We stand behind our products and promise to give you the best listening experience you’ve had since you grew your first pair of ears. 

  When was the last time music truly made you feel ALIVE?

  Rock on!