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Introducing the Wicked Audio App.

Take your listening experience to the next level with our app's endless EQ modes, which allow you to customize your sound to your exact preferences. Can't find your earbuds? No problem - our GPS bud locator helps you easily locate them. Need to be aware of your surroundings? Our transparency mode has got you covered. With customizable controls, an easy access user guide, and battery life indicator, you'll never be left hanging. Plus, our app's app-controlled volume, low latency gaming mode, and wear detect feature make it the perfect companion for any activity. And the best part? Forever future updates mean that the app will continue to get better and better over time. Get the Wicked Audio App for the ultimate listening experience!

Compatible Products

Mojo 300

Mojo 500

Mojo 700

Mojo 800

Hum1000x (Coming Soon)

Hum500x (Coming Soon)

App Features

Endless EQ Modes
GPS Bud Locator
Transparency Mode
ANC Mode
Customizable Controls
Easy Access User Guide
Battery Life Indicator
Forever Future Updates
App Controlled Volume
Low Latency (Gaming Mode)
Dark/Light Mode Control
Wear Detect