Testing (Warranty 2024)

Submitting a warranty claim is super easy. Follow the five steps below.

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Step 2 Warranty

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Determine if your product meets our warranty requirements

A) Do you know which product you have and what warranty it falls under? If not visit this helpful article with a full list of our products:

Full Product List

B) Have you visited our Knowledge Base? We've got a lot of helpful tips to get your product working.

Knowledge Base and Instructions True Wireless Earbud Specific Instructions

C) If your product doesn't respond to troubleshooting, it might be defective. That's why we have a warranty! We'll get you sorted.
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Fill out our USA Warranty Form below:

USA Warranty Form

Warranty cat filling out online form


Gather what you need to send us 

1) Your defective product.
2) A small sheet of paper with your name and address on it (in case outside label gets damaged)
3) Box or padded envelope with above two things.

Ship to Wicked Audio Headquarters 

After you have filled out the online warranty form, send your defective product to us at the address below:

Wicked Audio
ATTN: Warranty
875 W 325 N
Lindon, UT 84042


Box with bad product and contact info on paper


Shipping and Processing

Please wait while your package arrives to us and our warranty team processes your order. We inspect all products so we can continue to improve our products. We appreciate you helping us make better and better earbuds and headphones. You should receive an email confirming when your package has arrived. Please allow for 2-3 weeks for processing.

Inspector cat inspecting defective product


Return Shipping

Your replacement product will get packaged up and sent back to you. You will receive an email when it's leaving our warehouse.

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See more frequently asked questions at our Knowledge Base.

Do I need to include packaging or charging cords?
The original product packaging is not required. Accessories, such as charging cords, or extra cushions, do not need to be included.

How should I send my product to you?
It does not matter how you get your defective product to us, as long as it arrives safe and sound. Reusing a box or padded envelope is fine. Choose the cheapest and most convenient shipping method for you.

I can see my product arrived to you but I haven't gotten an update.
Our warranty team processes incoming packages once a week. If you haven't seen an update after 3 weeks from us, please send an email to info@wickedaudio.com